Fight to Win

Hello everybody,

You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.

-Babe Ruth

Many times we think we’re fighting a battle only to realize that we quit! We can still put on the armor, march to our post with no fire in our bellies. No luster in our eyes, moving with no life.

Why does this happen?

Multiple reasons:

  • Being tired of going through or doing the same old same old.
  • Lack of vision/ loss of a dream
  • Tired of waiting
  • Struggling
  • Rejection
  • Distractions (emphasis on distractions)

Reasons above stop us from fighting. We can start something not even realizing that we already quit.

A great example of this is homework. Remember when you had homework in school or your still in school doing homework. I work in a school as a tutor, there are always those times when a student/zombie’s eyes are glazed over. Stuck on an assignment, nothing written down, they haven’t even read the assignment. They quit before they even got started.

It looked hard, and they didn’t want to fail so they didn’t try. They went onto YouTube or some other site. What’s astonishing is they don’t even realize they quiet! I try to help them only to be met with apathy. So I tell them I can’t help them till they try.

In their mind’s eye, school is a never-ending cycle of grueling work that isn’t necessary for the real world. Once they graduated depending on their career choice, they still have more school. So there’s no way out.

hence lack of vision

It’s understandable for them to feel this way but they must realize that they quit. If this sounds somewhat like what you’re going through, you also have to realize you quit. And apologize to yourself or the people your giving up affected.

Yes, you were wrong for quitting, heck I’m always telling myself I have to keep pushing forward in certain ventures. Because it’s hard! to make a long post short…

If you quit. Get back on it again. Fight for your life.

If your distracted, remove the distraction.

Now get off the couch and do something. Please do not take this post, as the okay to do something like extreme sports unless you’re qualified for it.

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