Top of the morning or night to you! This is the word/phrase we all hear on a regular. How we need to be accepting of __________ and so on. The problem is this specific argument isn't really accepting. How can one say you have to be accepting of something you don't agree with if they... Continue Reading →

Your Value is Priceless

Hello everyone, As a person that loves results. And having High expectations. Sometimes I can get stuck feeling like a failure because I place my value on those results and expectations. So if you ever feel the same read this post. Your value doesn't come from attention or how people view you. It doesn't come... Continue Reading →

If You Love…

We all know how the saying goes, If you love someone/something you'll let it go. It's the motivation that lead to Spirit being let go. Spirit of course came back but this isn't always the case. We live in a real world with broken people all vying for the lame thing "love!" A sense of... Continue Reading →

Sometimes all the wishing in the world can not stop the writing on the wall. When it’s there it’s so evident you can no longer be ignorant. Then is ignorance really bliss or a slow torture. there can be a small spark of possibility, one you weren’t even aware of cultivating because, your subconscious watered... Continue Reading →

Paper Cuts

What does it mean to bleed on paper? Is it to bleed on paper like Snow Whites mother did on glistening snow? Or is it to be that infamous v word(vulnerable)? I think it can be a little bit of both because we all know paper is dangerous... Paper cut anyone! Just kidding, nonetheless some... Continue Reading →

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