Writers Dance

Hello everybody,

Writing fluidly, words sprouting then turned to ash. This is the writers Dance.

So many times we write something, maybe even start something that has nothing to do with writing and we make progress only to watch our progress unravel with the slightest breeze.

It kind of reminds me of the kids at the beach they build a castle. The struggle is real. The waves come closer and closer. Their masterpiece is destroyed. The funny thing is they don’t throw a hissy fit and quit. The get upset and then they build a new one. This happens again and again. Each time their castle is built better and stronger. Eventually it’s time for them to go home.

What life lesson did the kids learn, they learned the dance. One step forward two steps back. Two steps forward three steps back. Until they’ve accomplished their end-goal. Sometimes we need to be like a child.

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