Hello everyone, Man on a soap box spouting bubbles If your life summed up to one word what would it be? Interesting question I hope. As of write now mine would be BUSY. Because I'm always busy. Luckily, soon that will not be the case. 🎉 Dont worry I'm not going to get on my... Continue Reading →

Self Esteem & Value

Hello everyone, As you can see from the title, this post is a tad bit left field. Anywho here it goes... Recently I worked at a school and homeschooled students. It was a lot of fun but I didn't feel valued. Yes, I know feelings lie so I'll rephrase, I know I wasn't valued. For example,... Continue Reading →

New Year Same You

Hello Everyone, Strange right it’s already a new year! Well, that’s not too strange it’s actually normal. Considering time doesn’t stop. What’s strange about it is how quickly last year flew by. New Year Same You..... It’s true it is a new year and your still you. The tradition is to start a new year... Continue Reading →

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