Self Esteem & Value

Hello everyone,

As you can see from the title, this post is a tad bit left field.

Anywho here it goes…

Recently I worked at a school and homeschooled students. It was a lot of fun but I didn’t feel valued. Yes, I know feelings lie so I’ll rephrase, I know I wasn’t valued.

For example, they gave me task’s way above my pay grade and didn’t appreciate it. Honestly, this is the case in most places people don’t value those who do their jobs correctly. The go-getter is taken advantage of.

Another example is the constant mistreatment of my Mom. She is a personal trainer and was terminated. Yes, there are always two sides of a story. But at the end of the day the true reason she was terminated even after everything she did for her place of employment was because of some good old-fashioned gossip and jealousy.

It’s easy to stay to give up and live in mediocrity. Especially after mistreatment but were not rugs willing to let people continually stomp all over us with their dirty shoes.  

So what’s the solution, the trump card?


It’s that simple get up and stand. Do the right thing regardless of the cost. Don’t get used to loseing.

Last year I finally had enough and started sticking up for myself I told my boss I wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t payed for. I still did a lot, but I drew the line whenever there was an attempt to have me do more.

I wasn’t willing to let people hold me to a different standard as others in the same position. The cool thing is when I started doing this I felt better.

Because no matter who you are and how people treat you. You are still valued. Your value doesn’t come from what you can do or how much you make. It comes from the depths of you being you.

Knowing your valued and acting on that value are two different things. I act like I believe that I’m valued because I am valuable. Please don’t think I mean this in the over the top, conceited, entitled way. I mean it in the simple I know my worth kind of way. And if somebody makes you feel small, it’s usually them projecting their issues on to you.

So don’t let them. The best offence is to act unfazed. Like water off a duck’s back.

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