Hello everyone,

Man on a soap box spouting bubbles

If your life summed up to one word what would it be? Interesting question I hope. As of write now mine would be BUSY. Because I’m always busy. Luckily, soon that will not be the case. 🎉

Dont worry I’m not going to get on my soap box.

One I dont own a soapbox.

Two refer to reason one.

This post will be on how to function even when you’re busy.

Step One: Drink a soothing refreshment (coffee, tea, boba tea, milkshakes, etc.)

Step Two: Start your day early (it gives you more time so you can do everything at your own pace.)

Step Three: Smile (it does wonders, and when you grow more experienced in life, those smile lines will be up not drooping down.)

Step Four: Say No. (it doesn’t mean you’re a mean person if you tell people no every now and again.)

Step Five: Don’t overbook (this step is the kind of like step five but slightly different schedule stuff but never with more than you could handle. That’s a recipe for failure and stress which brings us into our next step.)

Step Six: Whatever you do don’t spiral into the free fall of stress!!! (Stress fine print: Hair loss, lack of motivation, tiredness, the feeling of giving up, broken phones/ devices, horible fashion, ruined relationships, etc.)

Step Six: The realization that you can only do so much.

Step Seven: Repeat

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