One of Those…

Hello everyone, I have a question were you one of those. You know the kid that let other kids cheat off of you. For a price, of course. (Hot Cheetos, energy drinks, etc.) Since this was me people will try to claim that I’m a nerd, but I’m not. And no, I’m not in denial... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody on the blog-o-sphere, Space the Final Frontier! A place we still haven’t explored completely, but many authors have imagined other planets and species. With epic battles, strange foods and amazing technology. For example, the book Ender's Game By Orson Scott. A really cool book if you ask me. Really, really cooooooool. It’s also... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, Normally I don't drop names but have you ever heard about the odd1sout. Its hilarious! Technically, I didn’t drop any names. I mentioned a name of a YouTube person who’s hilarious. So if you're looking to procrastinate and get overloaded with interesting information go to YouTube and type odd1sout. Now, for the reason behind this strange... Continue Reading →

Hello guys and gals, Did you know, you remember around 10% of what other people say. The other 90% of what you remember is your own words. I might have told you this before if so I’m so sorry. There’s a reason why this interesting fact is brought up.  Okay our reason, vocabulary. As a writer,... Continue Reading →

Working In Stress

Hello everybody, In Yesterday’s post I mentioned something about stress.  When we stress our actions can go into two different directions.  One: You can shut down Or Two: push through it Your reaction says a lot. For example, my sister Specks said she gives up while being stressed challenges me. Some people thrive in chaos... Continue Reading →

Write even when your Exhausted

Hello guys and gals of the blogosphere, Have you ever experienced a time when your creativity was stocked up? It‘s horrible I’m telling you. Some people are capable of writing when they’re exhausted. I am not one of those people. For example, I try helping a student with their homework and I’m stuck looking at... Continue Reading →

Weight In Word’s

Hello everybody, Today I was thinking about the saying, “Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, but Words will Never Hurt Me.” This saying might be great and all, the thing is....... It isn’t true!   Words matter, your words can build or they can destroy in a matter of moments. Words written on paper... Continue Reading →


Hello everybody, It been awhile since I wrote a book review so here’s one now. When you read thief what’s the first book you think of? For me it’s The Thief Lord, The Lightning Thief and The Book Thief! All three of these books have a different setting and different time frames. But one thing they... Continue Reading →

Something Informative for a Change

Hello everybody, A post or so ago, I mentioned the struggle I’ve been having with reading. So I decided to read something that’s in the form of a textbook called Writing For the Mass Media. So far I’m on page 5.  Hey don’t judge I just started reading it 5 minutes ago. Now you might... Continue Reading →

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