Hello everybody,

Normally I don’t drop names but have you ever heard about the odd1sout. Its hilarious! Technically, I didn’t drop any names. I mentioned a name of a YouTube person who’s hilarious. So if you’re looking to procrastinate and get overloaded with interesting information go to YouTube and type odd1sout.

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Now, for the reason behind this strange post that may or may not be beneficial.

Odd, strange, peculiar these three words have one common meaning to be different. In other words, set apart from the norm. One good example of this is my family, we’re all very ummmmm. You know weird in are own way.

This strangeness transfers over to stories lots and lots of stories about all of them. I have at least 8 unpublished overdramatized picture book stories about my three siblings and other people that did something memorable (peculiar).

There the useless information I mentioned earlier. Time for the beneficial information.

Whenever you read a story, the main character is rarely your average Joe. Percy Jackson, Sherlock Holmes, Eragon, Flat Stanley, Alex Rider, Jimmy Coates, Mitchel Vey the list is endless. These characters have one thing in common, their strangeness. None of them are average.

This is good when you think about it their oddness makes them interesting and relatable. Because everyone is strange to somebody. Some people’s strangeness is magnified (Queen) while others are strange but it’s not as obvious.

Conclusion if your writing make your characters a little different.


  1. You want them to stick out from other characters.

2. Their relatable

3.  Makes your characters authentic and living

4. Their memorable

5.  Gives you more to write

6. It’s fun

7. You can express people and situations in a very outlandish way without them knowing what you’re doing (it’s good therapy, try it)

Till next time!

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