Hello guys and gals,

Did you know, you remember around 10% of what other people say. The other 90% of what you remember is your own words. I might have told you this before if so I’m so sorry. There’s a reason why this interesting fact is brought up. 

Okay our reason, vocabulary. As a writer, it’s easy to get stuck writing the same words. For example your average human being uses around 20000-35000 words. This is why we should try using different words when we speak and write. Words like chipper, paces, discombobulate, dogged, frivolous, etc.


There are all sorts of words that aren’t in use.  And I know aren’t isn’t a proper word, or is it?

Aren’t and Ain’t are words in the dictionary! 

If you plan on tormenting your teachers, professors, editors, go ahead and let them know if they don’t know already, somebody decided to give the approval for ain’t and aren’t to become official. 

Back to the topic of words. Don’t be afraid to use different words. Just make sure you use those words correctly or you will discombobulate your readers. 

Have a good night, or morning, or afternoon. 

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