Working In Stress

Hello everybody,

In Yesterday’s post I mentioned something about stress.  When we stress our actions can go into two different directions. 


One: You can shut down


Two: push through it

Your reaction says a lot. For example, my sister Specks said she gives up while being stressed challenges me. Some people thrive in chaos while others deflate it all depends on you.

Let’s look at ways to use your stress rather than be overwhelmed by it. First things first take a step back and check yourself. Is your instinct to go running around like a mad person, or cry in a corner.

Then Stop.

giphy (11).gifLife has a funny way of throwing things at us all at once. It can be a  pile of overwhelming situations. Our natural instinct is to quiet when it’s hard, but we must resist that impulse. 

Rather than seeing it as a never-ending look at it as the storm that’s going to build a stronger person. 

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Or so it’s been sung. 

Every successful person had something that hindered them from reaching their goals. 

Change your outlook. Life isn’t going to always throw you lemons. It can seem like that though. This is why you must reassess the situation. If you’re having trouble with this then find somebody you trust to tell you the honest truth. 

That’s one way of handling stress, another way is to sit there and get it done. I’m speaking from experience, due to my bad attitude as a teen my mom and dad put me in homeschool. If I’m honest, I didn’t do my homework until the day before my appointment with my teacher.  I always managed to complete my homework though and graduated with A’s and B’s. 

Anything is possible if you take time to focus your brain on the things you need to complete. Because stressful situations happen most times, it comes out of the blue, but there is hope as long as you learn to focus on the things you can accomplish. Might not be your best work but it’s completed work, and that’s all that matters. 


step back, 


focus on what you’re capable of,

don’t be afraid to ask for help,

get it done!

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