One of Those…

Hello everyone,
I have a question were you one of those. You know the kid that let other kids cheat off of you. For a price, of course. (Hot Cheetos, energy drinks, etc.) Since this was me people will try to claim that I’m a nerd, but I’m not. And no, I’m not in denial either. In case your wondering I was never caught. But then again the kids that copied alwasy had to change at least one of their answers.  
I was also one of those kids that thought about everything. One great example of this is drugs! In middle school there was this girl who offered me drugs on the bus. In my infinite wisdom and fear of my parents I decided that I would not take any drugs because
  1. she would probably offer it up for free until I’m hooked
  2. once I’m hooked, I’ll have to pay for it
  3. who would I get the money from (my parents)
  4. then I would lose their trust and have a bad addiction
  5. on top of all that It would cause  bad hair, skin, and teeth
As you can see, a major over thinker. If you have the same problem. Never fear over-thinking can turn into a good thing.
Question for today…
How the heck do you use over thinking for good.
When your writing a story. You can use all that over thinking and over-analyzing for side stories. You know all those extra scenes you took out of the story. Or extra ideas in how something could come about. Use them!!!
You can use your over thinking brain to plug up any plot holes in your story. It’s really easy to get so lost in a scene you forget about where it was supposed to go.
Another thing you can use your constant over thinking for is fact checking. Make your story as plausible as possible.
One thing to remember is never fall into the barrier of despair. You can do whatever you need to do whether it’s finishing a manuscript, painting a beautiful picture, being a successful business person. 
Push on!  Don’t allow your overworked mind to dissuade you from moving forward.

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