Mindset on the Brain

Hello folks, Did you know your Brain is literally light years away from the development of any form of technology or science break through? There are those rare occasions when I step out of my spectrum of fiction books and read something informative. What brought this blog post on was my paster he mentioned the... Continue Reading →

My 1st Rejection Letter

Hi guys, Yesterday, I received my very first rejection letter. I handled it well, surprisingly. The letter itself was short and kind. That is what made it easier for me to not be too disappointed. I'm kind of nervous this will start a serial trend of rejection letters. Considering the fact that I sent two... Continue Reading →

Hi guys and gals, Have you ever wondered why owls seem so mysterious. Or why there's a superstitious belief, if you see an owl or hear it hoot your demise was at hand. Well now, you can find out. In the fictional kingdoms of the owl world. They call us humans, The Others we are... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, This post if you don't already know is going to be about inventing. You know every great invention or idea started within the mind. It was a simple imagination or thought that eventually became a reality. For example, these Lego tanks that my brothers Caleb and Aiden made.  Tank 1 Tank 2 It... Continue Reading →

Filter Perfect

Hello everyone, Let's take a look at being filter perfect. Filter perfect is when everything in your life is filtered. A great example of this is Snapchat there all sorts of cool filters on there that people used to take pictures of themselves or others. As a side note, I have nothing against filters there cool. ... Continue Reading →

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