Mindset on the Brain

Hello folks,

Did you know your Brain is literally light years away from the development of any form of technology or science break through? There are those rare occasions when I step out of my spectrum of fiction books and read something informative.

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What brought this blog post on was my paster he mentioned the book titled Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

If you liked the cartoon Pinky and the Brain or just like brain’s in general, this is the way to go. 

Your brain is capable of so much, for example, think about every action, reaction, the sense of smell, touch, taste, and feel. It’s all processed through your brain.

It’s Phenomenal!  

We’ve established that one your brain is amazing, let’s get to point two shall we.

The mindset. dun. dun. dun.

Your mindset is vital to your success. What are you thinking is it an endless flow of negativity? If it is its hindering your movement forcing you to a halting stop inches away from your success.

If that’s you tune those thoughts out and stop, listen up. Your insecurities will be there until you realize you can do this. No, this is not another impatient motivational speech. Okay it kind of is but I want you to take this as a challenge to be a great person that said I know I can! You can _______. Whatever you envisioned in the blank space. You can. It might be a little rough around the edges you might even hit a relapse or tough hurdle. But you can_______. I’m not saying think positively and life will suddenly shoot rainbows and giggles. What I’m saying is change your mindset because what happens in life can either make you better or it can make you bitter. The way you see things can have a major impact on how you handle life. Don’t allow your mind to repeat the same habitual negative thoughts.


Break the cycle.


Catch that thought.

Turn it around.

Build the mindset of a overcomer. You don’t have to be perfect or the most brilliant of them all. You only have to see things not as they are but what they can become. The most dreary beginnings can become glorious endings. Don’t be trapped in the past move forward so you’re not left with what if in your future. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to what if a whole lot. Mainly because usually the what if came about due to me not taking the leap that I needed to take.

The only time what if’ing is allowed is if the what if has to do with something wrong like a crime or drugs or something harmful to you. Then go ahead and what if it don’t do it. Another time what if’ing is allowed is when you finish a wonderful book that leaves you at a cliff hanger. Then you can bug the author to write another book or at least  be decent and give you a spoiler of whats to come.


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