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Have you ever wondered why owls seem so mysterious. Or why there’s a superstitious belief, if you see an owl or hear it hoot your demise was at hand. Well now, you can find out. In the fictional kingdoms of the owl world. They call us humans, The Others we are extinct & forgotten as the owls race thrives. So maybe that superstition holds some truth.

The beautiful kingdoms are separated into many regions were different kinds of owl species live.  There’s something strange happening in each and every region. Owlet’s are going missing. In the Kingdom of Tyto Soren a young Barn Owl can’t really remember how he fell out of his nest. He is on the forest ground a scary place for any young owl. When he is suddenly plucked up by another owl who doesn’t take him home instead this mean owl and many other owls are clutching owlet’s in their claws.  They were then brought to St. Aegolius Academy where they are informed that each one of them are orphans.  The head mistress of the academy has all the owlet’s under her spell and separates them into groups.

Soren doesn’t fall prey to St. Aegolius and with the help of another orphan named Gylfie they plan a daring escape to the Great Ga’Hoole Tree in the center of the Sea of Hoolemere. Rumor has it, there are noble guardians there. These owls are called Guardian’s Of Ga’Hoole. They could help them and free the other owlet’s that are held captive. The question you might have is, “Is this possible considering these owlet’s can’t fly yet and they’re so small surrounded  by a harsh unforgiving world?”

I definitely can’t tell you but You can find out for yourself in the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series written by Kathryn Lasky.

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In this series my favorite character is the wizened, old, screech-owl named Ezylryb he is a mentor of sorts. He wont be introduced until The Journey book two of the series.

As for owl’s being a bad omen it hasn’t been proven yet!

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