My 1st Rejection Letter

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I received my very first rejection letter. I handled it well, surprisingly. The letter itself was short and kind. That is what made it easier for me to not be too disappointed.

giphy (6).gif

I’m kind of nervous this will start a serial trend of rejection letters. Considering the fact that I sent two different picture book manuscripts to multiple publishing houses. All hope is not lost though. I got six more letters to go. 

On the bright side, I leaned what not to do.

For example: 

  • read the instructions clearly for each manuscript

  • Make your cover letter quirky and real 

  • & most of all don’t oversell it or do the opposite and under sell it

I’m gifted in the art of causing people to lose interest. I over explain stuff way too much sometimes. That’s usually the time when my mom tells me to be quite ahem (shut up). Or I can go the other way, due to nerve’s I’ll under sell something by not giving enough details. 

In conclusion, don’t oversell or undersell. Read the instructions and be yourself. 

One last thing, don’t take the rejection personally they might be saying no, but that no opens the door for somebody else to say yes. 

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