Hello everyone,

This post if you don’t already know is going to be about inventing. You know every great invention or idea started within the mind. It was a simple imagination or thought that eventually became a reality. For example, these Lego tanks that my brothers Caleb and Aiden made. 

Tank 1

Tank 2

It all started with an idea. Then they built on what they envisioned (imagined).

As a side note, they demanded I put these on the internet so they could see who’s  tank is better. In the comments below can you please vote for tank 1 or 2. Thank’s.

Somebody cool made a comment on the post Planning, Plotting, Outlining, Writing they stated, “sometimes we don’t really need to outline the whole sketch of the story but can simply invent instantly!” Their right! Writing is painting a picture with words. You can plot, plan, outline, and even write. But with no IDEA we can get lost. Instead of writing a beautify worded manuscript dripping with wonder it can easily turn into a bland tale of disappointment. Then instead of loving what you do you can come to hating it. That is no way to live.

So, how do we keep our inventive mind going?

download (39).jpeg

  1. Sugar 

  2. Caffeine 

  3. & Everything Strange

That’s not it, you need to keep dreaming. For me reading more books helps, going and doing things, wanting to get a message out, imagining plots, reading old news articles, and reading about mysteries that are unsolved such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart or Anastasia. Everyone has something that helps the old brain invent new ideas. 

Use that ingenuity to create or write about a problem that you think should be fixed without naming the problem, using a fictional world, in a different time. You will have one protagonist and one villain. The story will be interwoven with the protagonist and the villains points of view. 

If you did all of that you’ll have your own invented story. 

The amazing thing with writing is there are no real rules. You can create whatever you want whenever you want. Sometimes as a writer focusing on the outline of the story can make your brain go blank. Like the thinking man in Night at the Museum 2.

Tips I learned From other Writers

Write the scene’s as they come, just make sure to put them in order. Don’t be afraid to change your outline or plot. Write it down then compare the different versions. Who knows you might like both of them so much and merge them together creating an amazing plot twist that leaves your readers blown to the farthest reaches of the galaxy with your creativity. 

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