He said, She said, I said, They said.

Hello everybody,

Today we’re going to broach the topic of multiple points of view.

Multiple points of view is when you use multiple characters in your story. One thing with multi pov is it gets better the longer you write with multiple points of view.

a) you get more familiar with the characters

b) it’s easier to give them each a distinctive voice

When to use this style of writing?

Good question, I wrote a blog post titled Breaking the Unwritten Rules there’s one slight problem with writing in multiple points of view. Technically it’s not recommended.

Besides that here’s how it goes you want each character to have

their GOALS their STRUGGLES their GROWTH­čî▒

They need to have a clear purpose, without that their aimlessly wandering through the pages.

Seriously, that’s the bread and butter to making any multi pov story come to life.

How do you know if your characters have a purpose in your story?

You don’t! That is you don’t, until you write the story and see which characters matter and which one doesn’t. I had to re-write my story ten billion times too many. And each time I took some out and put something back in. It now has about eight different characters points of view. I know thats alot. But each character has a purpose, goal, struggle, and their own growth.

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