Too Fast for Your Own Good!

Hello everyone,

Do you ever start something, with the finish line out of sight? Strange question, I mean we all start projects and things not knowing the actual outcome. We know what we assume to happen. But we don’t really know, do we?

One thing I’ve always struggled with is slowing down. Whenever I start something most times, I speed through it. And the more nervous I am about something the faster I go. Paragraph

Take my manuscript, I may have rush on some parts of the story. 😅 The thing with going full speed ahead you skip key elements in everything. You don’t want to go, go, go. It’s like going on a hike you’re so excited to get to the top you miss the glimpses of the beautiful place around you.

Take your time.

Another reason slowing down is good for you is you might come up with a genius plot twist. When you’re relaxed it’s easier for you to be more creative.


Taking your time doesn’t mean procrastinate. Taking your time; is taking care to do the job right. 

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