Feedback Is A Wonderful Thing

Hello everyone,

The other day I sent my manuscript to a beta reader/editor. Lets just say I’m going to have to continue working on book one. This is okay by me because I wasn’t fully satisfied with the story. But, he said the manuscript has potential! The only thing is my characters are underdeveloped, and the story was a tinsy bit rushed.Okay it was a rushing tidal wave, crashing into a poor unsuspecting man. Just kidding.

The cool thing, he gave me much needed feedback. All hope for this book is not lost because all the problems he addressed are fixable. I might just need a whole lot of metaphorical duct tape.

He even gave me ideas on how I should fix my story. If you’re looking for someone to read your story and tell you what they think…

Click: Luis

Sending your manuscript can be scary. Because you’re basically asking someone to judge it. I don’t know about you but, personally I don’t like to be criticized. It helps when the person giving you criticism is constructive about it.

Now that I have my helpful feedback. My work is definitely cut out for me.

The reason behind this post, don’t hesitate to ask people what they think about your manuscript. And when they do tell you what they think don’t get too defensive.

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