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Hello everybody,

So the other day I was in another work meeting. Usually they’re the worst due to being extremely boring, repetitive, etc. It doesn’t help that most of the time I’m at the meeting more for the moral support rather than actually being able to implement the things that are being discussed. But this last one was highly informative.

It started off with some classic ice breakers. Make your fellow coworkers feel slightly awkward as you try to talk to them about slightly personal things. For example, what did you do over the summer? What’s your greatest accomplishment, etc. Those types of things. Then they get to the good stuff the reason for the meeting.

Goals. & Why they Matter So Much.

First off goal matter because they help us keep our focus. A good example of this is running the mile in school. If your anything like me, then you probably remember clearly how much you despised running the mile. Might have even gone as far as to pretend to be sick the day of. or conveniently forgot your gym clothes. I never went that far, but I knew people that did.  I got survived the mile by telling myself the faster I ran the faster it would be over.

My goal at the time was simple finish the mile as quickly as possible.

That simple goal of getting to the finish line was what got me through the mile. Later on in life it turned into word counts. Other people talked about how it’s important to set up a word goal. At first I thought

But a word count goal is an amazing motivator. Be your own competition. Hey, if you can’t write a thousand words a day or say you don’t have time don’t beat yourself up about it just write it tomorrow.

Sorry, went off on a tangent. Basically goals matter a lot. They not only help you focus they give you a clear path. Without goals things can easily become a cluttered mess. For example my nonexistent writing for years. Was due to procrastination and no clear goals.

Goals help you start and finish. Keep them reasonable and straight forward. Goals aren’t men’t to be another thing to stress about they are men’t to help make your life easier.

Last but not least, a random fact about goals.


Did you know, people who write down their goals have a high chance of achieving their goal.

So write them down on a napkin, a mirror, your ceiling where ever you need to see them write it down.

And set up an alarm for when you should be writing while you’re at it.



Sorry about posting this a day late my WiFi has been a little spotty.

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