Hello everyone, Just got back from an amazing bible conference! It was great. One thing I love about these conferences is they always leave me refreshed mentally. Physically I need to sleep for about a month. 😅 Now to the post… Refresh: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. This word has such a powerful... Continue Reading →

Work Meetings/Goals

Hello everybody, So the other day I was in another work meeting. Usually they're the worst due to being extremely boring, repetitive, etc. It doesn't help that most of the time I'm at the meeting more for the moral support rather than actually being able to implement the things that are being discussed. But this... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're suffering from a condition called WRITERS BLOCK, or your just browsing random people blogs! All I can tell you is; I to have gone through this condition. For those of you that don't believe, and blame WRITERS BLOCK on laziness, or lack of focus. I have something to tell... Continue Reading →

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