Whats Stopping You?

Hello everybody,

That’s the question of the day; what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? Hindering your progress. What is it?

We all have something that stops us from moving forward at times. It could be your own insecurities and fears, a relationship, circumstances of life, the past, anything and everything.

One simple word with three letters. “YOU” The only thing holding you back is you. There, I said it. You could read all the motivational quotes you. Pour your soul out on paper but if you don’t make the decision to move you never will.

People might hassle you all they want. You could even ask yourself, “why am I still here?”

But, if you don’t decide to change to get up dust yourself off and face the music you never will.

Don’t look at everything around you in blame for you not moving forward. Look in the mirror and make a decision. Before you do that mentally put your name in the blanks.

I ________ will not remain the same. I _________ will rise above this. You have all the tools at your disposal your talents, personality, ideas, and experiences.  Stop holding back and do what you need to do.

Sorry if I offended you. I hope this helps. this post was as much for you as it was for me. Sometimes things can be scary, and hard but if there wasn’t a challenge would we value it?

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