Urban Outlaws

No time for niceties give me all your money! Just kidding,  but if you want to donate to the Aliaha fund, I won’t stop you. Might be wondering what the Aliaha fund is. Well, it’s a fund specifically founded to pay off my car. Don’t worry it’s not a real thing.

Okay reason for this post, Urban Outlaw. There is a mind-boggling  book called…

Urban Outlaws by Peter Jay Black. And by the time you’re finished with reading this Post you will have the flashing words Urban Outlaw branded into your subconscious.

download (47)

This book is so good it’s been Caleb approved. Which means boys will love it. I mean they kind of have to it has hackers, snacks, runaways, parkour, double agents, etc. I would tell you more but Its more fun creating suspense.

On a serious note this is an interesting book. And if you kids or you yourself like books like Alex Rider and Jimmy Coates it only makes sense for you or your kids to read this book. I haven’t read the other books in the series but their covers look super cool.


Fun Fact:

But Urban Outlaw isn’t only a book turns out it’s also the nickname for Magnus Walker. He immigrated from the UK to America in 1986. Creating a successful clothing line even writing a couple of books titled Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don’t Slow You Down.cover.jpg






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