Sometimes all the wishing in the world can not stop the writing on the wall. When it’s there it’s so evident you can no longer be ignorant. Then is ignorance really bliss or a slow torture. there can be a small spark of possibility, one you weren’t even aware of cultivating because, your subconscious watered... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Just got back from an amazing bible conference! It was great. One thing I love about these conferences is they always leave me refreshed mentally. Physically I need to sleep for about a month. 😅 Now to the post… Refresh: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. This word has such a powerful... Continue Reading →

Whats Stopping You?

Hello everybody, That's the question of the day; what's stopping you? What's holding you back? Hindering your progress. What is it? We all have something that stops us from moving forward at times. It could be your own insecurities and fears, a relationship, circumstances of life, the past, anything and everything. One simple word with three letters. "YOU"... Continue Reading →

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