The Different Phases of a Story


Hello everyone,

As your well aware I’ve been working on a manuscript for some time now. I’ve rewritten the same scenes so many times I know the story by heart. You’re probably thinking I hope you know it by heart I mean it is your story after all. Well, in response to that thought I actually have a hard time focusing ever since I was little I was getting in trouble for daydreaming or talking too much.

There was a time where I was stuck on the same area of the story, never moving forward stuck in the same rut. Rewriting the same scene because I wasn’t satisfied. Or putting the story on an USB stick and forgetting about it because it frustrated me. I had the story locked in my head and whenever it came to writing it on paper, it wouldn’t flow properly.

One day I finally finished the whole thing. Now I’m going over it and trying to fill any holes that have been uncovered. This led me to read some old versions of this story. I’ve been working on this story since I was sixteen so there are a few changes.

When you think about it any person that writes a manuscript probably has boxes filled with different beginning. Parts of those stories can be taken and used in other ways. So now I’m hoarding a box full of different parts of the story in order to use them at a later date.

If your stuck and happened to rewrite certain parts of your story, like I have. First off ignore that part of the story and finish it. Then go back over it with a fine-tooth comb. After that you can reuse scrapped ideas and hoard them like I do.

Breath you got this far.


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