Writers Gonna Write

Hello everyone,

I have a question for you! What makes a writer a real writer?

Some people are under the impression a writer is somebody that published a book. They may even say, “you’re a real writer now that you published a book.” Other people believe you’re a writer if you like to write. 

Shall we look at these two beliefs?

One if you published a book or anything on the internet you’re a writer in my book.

Look at Ann Franke! She wrote in her diary and now she is famous because of it.

Two the common but false belief that you’re only a writer if you have published an article, book, or report is officially debunked. A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas. An Author is a writer of a book, article, or report.

So if you write because you enjoy it or you write and publish your work you are in fact a writer.

Never give up! You don’t have to experience a tragedy to be a writer or die to be successful. You just need to work hard and be a go-getter. What I mean by work hard is, do you research, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to take risks, by putting yourself out there. If anything fake the confidence until you are that confident. Believe that you can do it and stay humble. Let people help you along the way. 

Simple, not really. Worth it! Yes

If this is what you want to do, then do it. Looking at book sales charts and analyzing your followers can sometimes be depressing. Focus on the things you’ve accomplished. It might seem like it will never happen give it time and you will blossom.

With that being said, have a great rest of the day.

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