Hello everyone,

How many of you like a good science fiction book about Time Traveling?

Well, there’s this book called The Time Travelers by Linda Buckly-Archer.

giphy (3).gif

Its amazing! If you read it, you might think time actually stopped. Leaving you in stunned silence after you read the full series. Okay that’s a little much. But it’s a cool book to read.

The Time Travelers is about two children. Peter Schock and Kate Dyer stumble across a time machine in a lab somewhere. This time machine was actually supposed to be an antigravity machine. They of course mess with it because who wouldn’t. The next thing they know they are face to face with an infamous thief nicknamed the Tar Man. As the very fabric of the world around him tares before his eyes two kids fall through the tare.

If that wasn’t enough he snatches the time machine and runs off. Now Peter and Kate are stuck. The question of the hour, or not is will they get back. And if they do how will it affect them.

Because it will!!!

This is seriously a great read for anybody that likes:

Time Machine


Science Fiction




The list can go on. But I don’t think you want it too.

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