Writer’s Voice

Hello everybody,

Writer’s voice can be very interesting.

It’s not found in your style of writing. It’s not in the structure of what you write. Writer’s voice is your voice. No not the sound of your voice. Its you on paper.

When you write something that you feel strongly about it makes it harder to let others see because,

1. its personal

2. your letting people into your head

The cool thing is most times people love when your being authentically you. J.K. Rowelling’s story Caroline. It was so successful because you heard him in the book. You got to know him, there were probably things in the story that you could relate to.

Take it back to before the book was published it was rejected but the moment he made up his mind to tell people a truth, a personal lesson expressed in fiction it really took off.

Don’t take this to far and and create a tale of horror about how everything sucks, and there is no such thing as happiness. Hey People Need A Little Hope.

Just don’t be afraid to put you on paper.

Writer’s Voice can not be taught! It would be so nice if it could be taught to you. In reality, no one else is you. How can they teach you to be you? Answer, they cant.

What you can do to develop a distinctive voice is write. Write like your life depends on it. And one day you’ll realize you have a specific way of expressing yourself. A unique voice that nobody else has.

Have a great weekend! If you have anything to add, leave a comment. 😉

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