Social Media VS. Being Social

Hi guys and gals,

It might just be me but…

I’ve noticed the more active I am on social media the less active I am when it comes to socializing with people. A good example of this is you just start writing. And happen to look out the window expecting to see sunlight only to see nothing but the darkness of the night. I didn’t realize this was becoming a problem until everybody in my family lounged about in the same room on multiple devices. It’s almost funny at the dinner table you don’t hear pass the salt its hand me the charger pronto.

I mean come on. On top of that it’s hard work. Let’s make one thing clear I don’t like to take selfies but sometimes I find myself taking a selfie. Then I have to edit it and possibly filter it because why not. Then possibly post it.  But I’m slowly getting the hang of this.

I mean it’s not all bad it can be fun too. And slightly scary because the people who pass by can identify you.

Another thing is it makes me want to try making some of the amazing cakes or food items from cakesbea and yummyunits on Instagram. I mean I already had a Pinterest addiction. In all honesty though I haven’t had as much free time to browse. But if you have free time check out my Instagram page its brownaliaha. 😉

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