Never Say Never

Hello everybody,

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a book. So before I do that…


This book is not for you if you don’t like titles like Never Say Die, or espionage, or gadgets or…

You get it.

Never Say Die the finally book in the Alex Rider Series,  written by Anthony Horowitz is… I don’t really know what it is, but it’s something, something amazing.

What starts off as another day of going through the motions for Alex Rider quickly turns into a nail biting adventure.

His life’s been ripped up and stomped on time and time again. He’s lost so many pieces of himself. If he had a social media account his statice would say lost. His hope is gone, the one person he could always count on…

Under normal circumstances I would tell you what and why he’s been torn apart emotionally. But… If I told you there would be no point in you reading this story.

What I will say is MI6 has a part to play. All of Alex Riders problems started when his guardian Ian Rider aka (Alex’s uncle) died.  And no Ian Rider is not the one person he could always count on.

He was thrust into the world of espionage. The perfect spy, a teenager.

Nobody would suspect him.

Until they did because nothing ever goes according to plan.

And if that’s not enough to peak your interest I don’t know what will.

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