Hello everyone,

Have you ever heard of a bird whistle? 

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I know you probably heard of a dog whistle. Growing up I read books like Robinson Crusoe, the Swiss Family Robinson, and Chasing the Falconer series.



These books had one thing in common, the characters growth and survival. Whether it be in the wilderness or a busy city. They fight off an assassin or are stranded. They all had to learn to adapt and survive. These are great book by the way for any young reader that likes books like Hatchet.

Okay, here is the story behind my earlier question.

After a long car ride along the historic Route 66 my family and me finally stepped out of our Mini Van. It was a sunny day at the Grand Canyon Caverns. We all filed into the Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto. Waiting for our chance to go down the elevator of doom into the mysterious cavern. My parents sat down at one of the tables. I did not want to sit down after the long car ride so instead I walked over to the gift shop. They had all sorts of cool nicknacks! Popguns, old salvaged items, and bird whistles. Or at least, I thought it was a bird whistle. It was so awesome so I bought it. Then I went over to where my parents sat and showed them my bird whistle. They laughed so hard I had no idea why.

“Aliaha that’s not a bird whistle it’s a pipe” my mom said. Boy, was I red. I couldn’t believe it! The sales clerk didn’t tell me anything. He was probably trying not to laugh as he sold a somewhat dense girl AKA me a pipe (bird whistle).

In all fairness it was carved like a bird. 



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