Writers Quirks

Hello everyone, Let's talk about some quirks of being a writer. 1. Never satisfied with what you put out! I've noticed this is an actual thing. At first I thought it was just me but the more writers I talk to & post I read, at one point mentions not being satisfied with what they... Continue Reading →

Traits Of A Mastermind

 Hello Fellow Individuals, Are you an introspective, logical, rational, pragmatic, clear-headed, directive, and attentive? Could you give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money? Congratulations, your now dubbed a Mastermind. Turns out a mastermind isn't always an evil genius like Megamind, Syndrome, or Professor Moriarty. A mastermind is an individual that doesn't freak out like... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, That's kind of how I feel at the moment. The process of developing and growing as a writer is hard. Sometimes it makes you want to hit the road. Unfortunately hitting the road will only lead to bloody knuckles. That's really not my cup of tea.  How to get out of the funk?... Continue Reading →

The UnFaithfulssssss

Hello everybody, I must make a confession I've been an unfaithful blogger. I was sidetracked with a story I've been going over. It's about two siblings, named ______ and _______ who happen to be _______. Like the series of unfortunate events these two characters, also have a depressing story. I had to make it less... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Who enjoys a nice little competition every now and again? I do too much. I blame the schools I went to for making me this way. Just kidding. it was due to liking awards! I have a whole box of them in my closet. Think about it, who doesn't like awards? But sometimes... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Have you ever heard of a bird whistle?  I know you probably heard of a dog whistle. Growing up I read books like Robinson Crusoe, the Swiss Family Robinson, and Chasing the Falconer series.     These books had one thing in common, the characters growth and survival. Whether it be in the... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, The other day I mentioned finally finishing my young adult novel. Well, before that I sent another manuscript to multiple publishing houses. It's a children's picture book based off of my little brother who is secretly evil. Did I mention that I am not the most patient person. I'm sure this is a good... Continue Reading →

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