Hello everyone,

Thanks for sticking with me this far. If you’ve read any of my post, you might have noticed that I sound like a novice. Well, I am.

giphy (2)

Yesterday, marked my first month anniversary!  

Today I wanted to talk about spelling and other errors. Low Key I am not the greatest when it comes to spelling and punctuation. I’m a-lot better than I used to be though. The other day I looked through a box full of stories, songs, newsletters, essays, etc. I have no clue how I managed to get good grades in school. Because, I couldn’t even understand some words I spelled. I like to believe that my teachers passed me because; I created off the wall content. On a different note, it’s more likely they just felt sorry for me and passed me because I really tried. I can say this though, everything I wrote was original. 

Heres are two Awesome writing tools 




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