Invisible Girl

via Daily Prompt: Disappear


Jane watched in wonder as a rushing tide of busy people passed her by.  She stood immobile mouth gaping open, “didn’t anyone else see it?” the bright beautiful light. She felt a warmth travel up her body, a slight tingle. She looked away from the light and saw an elderly gentlemen barrel into her. Jane yelped, but no one heard her. The elder gentleman kept on walking not realizing he had walked through an invisible girl. Jane looked down at herself that was strange it was like she disappeared. She tried to take a step forward but she couldn’t seem to move her feet were sunk in to the pavement. “Help” she yelled but people just continued to pass by to focused on their day-to-day life.

She reached out to grab somebody’s arm, but her hand went through it. “What was wrong with me” she thought “why can’t you see me” she yelled at the passing people. No one heard her too busy to take notice of the panicking girl sinking slowly in the pavement.

Wrapping her arms around herself tight she closed her eyes and thought of the light. A bright warm light. She thought about the happy times of her child-hood. The times before she was diagnosed, the soft smiles of her mother, the proud look of her father.  She didn’t notice when people started backed away from where she stood or the questions they asked each other.

Onlookers began to shout. Did you see that? Man, that was awesome. How did she do that? I don’t know.  Where did she come from? She just appeared out of know where! Question after question bubbled out of them.

Jane opened her eyes she saw the spectators milling about. Pointing and speaking she couldn’t hear them it was almost like her hearing was on another frequency.

Ignoring the growing crowd she took a hesitant step forward, then another, and another. She walked not knowing where she was going just enjoying the freeing ability to move again.  Laughing, she must have finally reached her limit and gone mad. It had to be all in her head.

She strolled past a video store as she reasoned with herself unaware of what was on the screens. The elder gentlemen who had walked through her earlier stopped her. Miss is that you? He pointed to the tv screen’s in the store window. She turned looking at the grainy image of herself appearing out of light.  Taking an involuntary step backwards. He flight or fight mode kicked in. What was going on? she wondered. The elder gentlemen was waiting staring at her. She had no response to give, just standing there mouth gaping at the screen. Finally, coming to herself she nodded.

The old gentlemen smiled she swore she could even see a twinkle in his eye.






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