Hello everybody, It been awhile since I wrote a book review so here’s one now. When you read thief what’s the first book you think of? For me it’s The Thief Lord, The Lightning Thief and The Book Thief! All three of these books have a different setting and different time frames. But one thing they... Continue Reading →

Never Say Never

Hello everybody, It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a book. So before I do that... Warning: This book is not for you if you don’t like titles like Never Say Die, or espionage, or gadgets or... You get it. Never Say Die the finally book in the Alex Rider Series,  written by Anthony... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, If you're a parent of a none reader and your child is addicted to video games, and tv show's. Or you're just looking for another book to read because you finished your latest series or maybe you're suffering from book withdrawals. Here is the book series for you. Have you ever heard of... Continue Reading →

Classic Underdog

Hello everyone, Have you read books where they have a classic underdog story? I just finished a series called Michel Vey, and it was hold on let me look for synonyms for awesome. Because I use awesome too much when it come to describing things. Here you go... It was awe-inspiring, the main character Micheal... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, How many of you like a good science fiction book about Time Traveling? Well, there's this book called The Time Travelers by Linda Buckly-Archer. Its amazing! If you read it, you might think time actually stopped. Leaving you in stunned silence after you read the full series. Okay that's a little much. But... Continue Reading →

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