The Curse of Over Correction!

Hello everyone, Is it just me or do you go through a situation where you over corrected everything? For example driving, writing, organizing, painting, etc.  Well, this is a big problem. One time I tried to turn a pair of jeans into skinny jeans and um…😐😅 It might have ended up in the trash because... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Just got back from an amazing bible conference! It was great. One thing I love about these conferences is they always leave me refreshed mentally. Physically I need to sleep for about a month. 😅 Now to the post… Refresh: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. This word has such a powerful... Continue Reading →

Keep On Even When You No Longer Need a Bobby Pin!

Hello everybody, How are you guys doing? Have you seen the quote around that says, “Currently holding life together with a bobby pin.” That was me the last couple of days. It’s finally slowed down today. Now, that I’m no longer running around like a crazy person I can focus better.  So that’s what I’m... Continue Reading →

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