Hello everyone, Just got back from an amazing bible conference! It was great. One thing I love about these conferences is they always leave me refreshed mentally. Physically I need to sleep for about a month. 😅 Now to the post… Refresh: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. This word has such a powerful... Continue Reading →

Mindset Graphing

Hello everyone, Before I tell you why the title, here’s some background behind the brilliant idea. I work in a school as a tutor. And you want to know the most common thing I hear as a tutor. It’s a simple phrase that can be said in all sorts of ways.  Extra  They say everything is... Continue Reading →

The Lightbulb Moment

Hello everyone, Don't you love it when you have that lightbulb moment? I know I do! For example I was sitting around and it came to me. A new scene to add in my book. So, I tell everyone my amazing idea. And my sister rudely interrupts me, "I'm not editing it if you add... Continue Reading →

John Walkers Tall Tales or The Infamous John Walker

Hello everyone, I finished a short story about my grandpa John. I'm kind of stuck on what I should call it though. Here's how the story starts. Do you have a crazy, old, entrepreneur in your family? Well I did, my late Grandpa John was as crazy and old as they get. Always up to... Continue Reading →

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