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This is the word/phrase we all hear on a regular. How we need to be accepting of __________ and so on. The problem is this specific argument isn’t really accepting. How can one say you have to be accepting of something you don’t agree with if they wont accept that you don’t accept/agree with their ideals?

What is acceptance?

According to the Oxford dictionary acceptance is, “the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.” Furthermore, acceptance has a criteria of what we believe to be acceptable and not acceptable. An extreme example would be murder it is not acceptable to murder someone however, it is acceptable to bake a cake.

In life we accept and reject many things. This is part of what makes us all different. With differing view points and ideals there is strength and wisdom. When everyone believes the same thing a hive mind can easily be created. Then whenever one leaves their little bubble of reality they don’t know how, what or why. As a consequence there is chaos and confusion.

Acceptance of things may be a good thing, by way of bringing people together. However, there is such a thing as being to accepting/conforming. Sometimes life calls for us to accept a rejection in relationship, query letter, etc.. Nonetheless, there are also those times when we need to challenge the conformity and stand for our values and moral.

Art is inspired by our views and ideals. Books are written to tell a story or explain an ideal. Hidden messages we share in hopes someone uncovers it. As creators/artists we all thrive in an environment of free expression that may captivate an audience or enrage it. However, it always ends with a challenge.

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