Your Value is Priceless

Hello everyone,

As a person that loves results. And having High expectations. Sometimes I can get stuck feeling like a failure because I place my value on those results and expectations. So if you ever feel the same read this post.

Your value doesn’t come from attention or how people view you. It doesn’t come from followers or likes you have. Those things are nice but it’s not what defines your value. Your value is something that can’t be measured. As a person, a human, you are valued for being born. You are important. How much money or how successful that’s not what makes you special.

Your valued for being you because you are you and there is no one like you. You don’t need to keep score on how much you’ve accomplished.

The thing is this struggle we have with not valuing ourselves. Or basing our value on others we can become blinded to the people in our lives. We can destroy the people around us because they are seen as a tool to our success.

The end does not justify the means no matter how great the feat is.

It can also cause us to resent the people in leadership or sometimes the people that are trying to help us. We can push the very people we need away because of ambition and insecurities. 

This all goes back to you don’t need to fear not being good enough because you already are good enough. And if you happened to hurt people in the past “sorry” goes a long way.

You might not see the results you want your expectations might be dashed in your career, relationship whatever it is. Remember this you matter not because I said so just because you do.


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