If You Love…

We all know how the saying goes, If you love someone/something you’ll let it go. It’s the motivation that lead to Spirit being let go. Spirit of course came back but this isn’t always the case. We live in a real world with broken people all vying for the lame thing “love!” A sense of belonging, to be desired, accepted, wanted, loved. It’s what draws us to the spotlight. Some want everyone and their mom to notice while others only want one too. I can say, I like awards but not for other peoples praise while thats a bonus but its my own personal challenge to prove I’m good enough. Granted I’m fully aware that I am enough however, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to achieve.

Back to the topic at hand letting someone or something go.

It’s what the Beast did for Bell because he loved her. Bell also came back however, what happens if she didn’t. The beast would have faded away with his magical castle, nothing but a figment of a memory. This does’t happen to us though. We continue to live on, going from one task to another or one couch to another. One can live on forever moping or one can choose to live freely. Many times people allow this to harden them or push them to do the extreme. However, attitude is a choice. Much like salvation we all have a choice for life and death. Each day that passes by our actions/inactions dictate the option we choose.

I recently had to let someone go. They of course never knew that I had feelings for them. Apparently I’m a-lot better at acting then I originally thought. But this person I cared about since I was a kid. the other day I finally plucked up the courage to let them know my little secret. Then I quickly hung up and waited a dreadful amount of time for a response. Said response was a rude awakening. Granted they gave a gentle rejection. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. And now I have to let it and him go.

Does this mean that this desire will ever be quenched? This question has mixed results because it could be a yes or a no depending on the person and situation. Nonetheless, deep inside of each of us that desire remains. We may burry it for a while, eventually the pull is so strong that it bursts out of our chests. Or at least it feels this way.

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