Paper Cuts

What does it mean to bleed on paper? Is it to bleed on paper like Snow Whites mother did on glistening snow? Or is it to be that infamous v word(vulnerable)? I think it can be a little bit of both because we all know paper is dangerous… Paper cut anyone!

Just kidding, nonetheless some books were written in the blood, sweat, and toils of the hard nock life.

What does it mean to bleed on paper? It means to expose the oozing insecurities in a cryptic way. Where the audience reading it senses this connection and BANG, they live vicariously through the character. Said character is an extension of themselves as they face an imaginative yet real dangers of life. We don’t live in a time period of dragons and knights but, there are still stories of David’s and Goliaths.

However, anyone can bleed on paper metaphorically. The question is, is it something that should have been bleed for. Any one can cry victim and howl at the moon at their injustice. However, can you get up and overcome those insecurities without becoming WHO or WHAT hurt you.

I’ve leaned that it’s easy to remain stuck in the pattern of life. It’s easy to remain angry, depressed, or jaded. It’s easy to feel negative emotions and write about them. It’s even easy to express them. However it’s hard to be optimistic, and hopeful. It takes more effort.

Attitude is a choice.

In conclusion, if you don’t bleed on the paper your audience won’t believe it. If they don’t believe in it, no connection is made. If no connection is made there’s no purpose in the relationship blossoming.

Write about what hurts, what brings joy. Write about what stirs the emotions inside of your heart. Because if you don’t there’s no reason to write.

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