1. the quality or state of being physically strong.

2. the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.

The dictionary and society all consider strength to be the ability to withstand GREAT force or physical strength. However strength is also in our weakness. Bear with me for a brief moment of your life.

Think back to a time when you were vulnerable. It was probably uncomfortable and you felt exposed to the critical stare down of your own inner turmoil. In the situation you probably felt like running for the hills. However, in an act of vulnerability one sheds all protection and trusts another. This doesn’t mean that you air out all your dirty laundry to anyone that will listen. Discernment is critical. Nonetheless, to be vulnerability is to be irrevocably honest about ones self. It’s not self pity, or labeling of character traits, it’s humility.

To show your true self, wear your heart on your sleeve. The question is have we ever done that. Have we ever humbled ourselves and let them see you through all the silliness, quirky personality traits, and smiles. I finally did and it didn’t go as planned I discovered that to be vulnerable is to have strength. It’s the quiet strength that no one gives voice to because we’re all terrified of letting people see us. If they see, they may not like what they see. If they know they may be shocked to know that you’re not this power house but really a little boy and girl dreaming for your happy ending.

In this I realized just how far I push everybody away. I don’t like to get close because I’m terrified of rejection. I’ve been burned one too many times. I’ve become self reliant because I can handle my own failure to some extent but I can’t handle other people failing me. So it’s better to be in my whitewashed tomb where there be dragons guarding the door never to let anyone near that can hurt me. But I think through my recent experience it’s time for me to open the gate. The worst that can happen is rejection. I experienced it so now it’s just growth. I can’t let the iron works block out the light or the plants will die. Sorry, this post is a tad dramatic! What I mean is we hold the key to our cages you can either open the door and grow. Or remain in the same old stagnate position slowly calcifying.

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