Break Through

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while, I was dealing with some very high stress problems and didn’t want my issues to bleed out on paper. There’s enough grievous news as it is, I really didn’t want to add to it. Besides, it turns out when I have major problems with it prohibits my creativity.

Did you know… There was a study conducted on rats and it found that when the animal was introduced to a stressful situation, it killed the animal’s brain cells.

A single, socially stressful situation can kill off new nerve cells in the brain region that processes learning, memory and emotion, and possibly contribute to depression, new animal research shows. -Society for Neuroscience

If stress affects an animal that bad I could only imagine what it does to us humans! For me, it makes me less creative and more cynical. 😶 Luckily I hate the way I feel when I’m stressed out sooooo I don’t stay that way for too long. 😌

De-stressing Methods

Well before I list of the methods, there are short-term methods such as stress eating those comport foods. There’s long-term methods that actually solve the problem.

Usually, my go to is the short-term methods. Lets just say even though I’m lactose intolerant; Ice cream anyone? Or complaining, avoidance, utter dis-acknowledgment 😅

Hey, it might not be healthy, but it’s easier than dealing with the actual problem. The bad part about this is it doesn’t actually deal with anything, it just acts as a bandaid. And one day the bandaid will be rudely ripped off because it’s smelly and what not. Then all of those issues that were so nicely bottled come gushing out.

In other words, its not fun.

De-stressing & Dealing with it

Acknowledge the situation and face it in a clear, calm, harmless manner.

Easier said than done, but the longer it remains a problem, the longer you think about it, the longer you stress about it!

Being Prepared

Accepting change sometimes, because change can be good, but it could also be bad. It really depends on the situation.

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