Without Hope the Struggle Has Won.

Hello everyone,

How are you guys and gals? Today I wanted to talk about hope. Hope in itself is the fuel that keeps people trapped in a dire situation stay alive. It’s what gets you up in the morning. It’s the making of dreams. It is what drives you and me forward. Hope isn’t the absence of hopelessness it’s deciding to move forward regardless of how you feel.

Feeling can sometimes lie, but in your actions you can develop hope. Seeing how crazy our world is right now, crisis after crisis. It’s kind of hard to maintain hope. Especially when you see the innocent being beaten down and homes going up in flames.

You are most likely tired of hearing about the horrors that are happening in our streets; I know I am.

So how do you have hope in this world? You fight for it, not with pitch forks and fire. You fight for it when you decide to go on, anyway. The world may seem like it’s going to end. Everything could be going wrong for you. Whether it’s a loss of your business, a violation, a loved one passing. But in those moments you have a decision to carry the mantle of hope. Hope is an action that speaks louder than words ever will. It’s our duty to have hope. Because when you have no hope, good people die metaphorically or physically.

I have hope that America will stand. I have hope that there are good people out there trying to do the right thing. I have hope that there will be a cure for the covid-19, soon. I have hope every morning that the unrest will end, the houses, churches, business that were destroyed will be built again. I have hope.

My hope doesn’t come in this world or people. It’s in Christ. I’m a christian. And you might not like that fact, but it’s true. Like I said before, I don’t want to fight but I want you to know if you’re feeling hopeless and you want to give up. DON’T!

You may have another belief that’s fine. I’m not going to come against that. I simply want to share what gave me hope.

I have hope because I know that no matter what happens I’m going to make heaven my home. To some it might sound like crazy talk.

Humor me for a little bit. I was raised in church I knew the ten commandments. I was a good kid. But I didn’t really believe in any of the church stuff. I never did anything too crazy, but that because I always thought of the consequences of things. I had ample opportunities to do drugs, date around, go to parties. But I didn’t because I never saw the point.

For example, one time a girl once pulled out a bag of a powder substance and asked me if I wanted to try it.

In that moment, I thought about it. But I already knew I would get it for free until I was hooked and then I would want more so I would need money. How was I going to get the money? Well, I would have to steal it. Who would I steal it from, my parents. Then eventually they would find out and no longer trust me. I told her this, and she never offered again. Life went on.

Until one day I decided I was tired of being the goody two shoes. This next part of my story is kind of embarrassing. I started popping pills. No, nothing too crazy. Like I said, I always counted the cost of things. I was popping tylenol’s in my 13-year-old brain, this was something I could get away with because there were no side effects. No addiction issues. Etc. But one day I took too much. No, I wasn’t trying to kill myself. I didn’t want to die. But I felt my body shutting down. Everything was getting darker and darker. I asked god if your real and you save me I will serve you the rest of my life.

I’m still here now! I woke up the next morning, completely fine. But that’s when I realized it doesn’t matter how far you go, God will love you Anyway. My hope is in God! People disappoint, we disappoint ourselves, society disappoints, but God is always there waiting for us to come to him and ask him for help.

There’s a scripture that says come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.

I believe it. You might not. That’s okay. But if you’re on the brink and feel lost and hopeless. You could have tried many things. Well, why not give God a chance? I’m not saying your life will be problem free, but you will have somebody fighting in your corner.

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