What happens when we hit a delay, a bump in the road, or as Woody from Toy Story likes to put it?

Do you quit? 

Fall into a magical land filled with wonder and self-discovery like Alice?

Or maybe it’s not as dramatic and you simple blend into the background, slowly fading away like a withered little wall flower?

Well, if it’s any of those three let’s see where all of those options lead 

Options numero uno:

(quit) that’s the worst response if it’s hard it’s worth fighting for. I will not get political on you guys, but can we be honest? Even if you don’t like some people in this list, you have to admit they’re all troopers. Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King Jr., Donald Trump, Nelson Mandela, Louis Zamperini, George Washington, Doc Suess. There are so many people who are the literal embodiment of someone that refuses to roll over. These people are examples of people that have beaten the odds regardless of all those that came against them. If it were me, I would have quit a long time ago. We all know when you hit that delay it’s hard to move forward because there is sometimes not only a figurative blockade but a literal one as well. W2hen you hit that bump in the night, you have to decide not to give up and die. Can I get poetic? Think of it like this every time you give up a little part of you dies. Mind you, if you can’t sing but really want to, maybe try another angle for example beat boxing or rapping or even creating songs like the group Cake. If you haven’t heard them click this short skirt long jacket  

Now we all know not quitting is easier said than done, but that’s when your faith comes in. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things gained .

Say your natural instinct is optional number two (fall into a magical world of self-discovery) 

Ding. ding. ding. We have ourselves a winner winner chicken dinner. But and that’s a big BUT don’t stay there. In one of my older posts I mentioned my path of discovery. I went where no sane person was willing to go into the vault that is my mind. The thing is, you can easily get lost there and never move forward. Because it’s nice there. Just like Alice, we do have to leave and act on what we learned.

Last but certainly not least option number three the wall flower of decay and envy 

This is a very poisonous place to be. It’s not a path anyone should take because it slowly drains the vitality right out of you. A wall flower is someone that’s always on the outside looking in. When you’re naturally a vibrant person but you slowed your self to fade you turn into a has been. You also frankly turn into a washed out version of yourself. And nobody wants to be around somebody that has that defeated mentality. There’s nothing wrong with mopping for a couple of… well, you know what I mean. But there’s a time to say enough is enough. Get up, get dressed, slay! Someone has to! Why can’t it be you? 

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