Its What You Make it!

Hello Everybody,

How are you doing in the twilight zone we now call reality?

If you want to go strait into the post with no life updates skip the first paragraph.

Life is definitely interesting. I’m keeping busy because an idle mind is bad for everybody. Well, at least in my case. In my last post I mentioned working on a short story. It’s looking like it will become a side novel to… You Guessed it, the series I’m working on. And I made a dress. Took two days of me being in a creative tizzy, but I made it. And I do not understand how to sew or anything, but I’m learning.

Enough chit chat lets talk about what we make it.

What we make what?

Simple: life (circumstances in our day to day, problems, joyous occasions, peculiar situations) I could keep on coming up with other ways to say it but its life as we know it.

Life is what we make it.

How do you respond to any given situation? Is it rash, indecisive, unhealthy, dreadful? Or the opposite? Happy, peaceful, well thought out?

You see every day that we wake up we have to face the music whether or not its pleasant we must face it and go on. Strength comes from facing every given situation with grace. Not storming the market and hoarding toilet paper. Within human nature we have a basic instinct to magnify the ugly and not the amazing. It’s why the news loves giving bad new or why reality tv is really drama central. It’s because it’s easy to be selfish, and hard to be selfless. When you turn the ugly into something beautiful that the transformation of the right mentality can give you.

Its All What You Make It.

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