Quarantine Isn’t The Dream

Hello Out There,

How are you doing? Have you found any cures for boredom?

Week one – quarantine was a-okay

I just wasted away to Disney plus and Netflix. Researching Agents. Querying agents. Taking selfies and then deleting them, because I feel awkward. Arguing with my siblings. I mean debating with my siblings.

Complaining about the hobbit movie.

Crying over Kili’s death. Tolkien was a genius, I never read his books but watched the amazingly, horrible movie I definitely am going too soon.

Week two – torcher

Caving and downloading tick tock. Re-watching spiderman. I love Tom Holland; he makes it so believable; he’s a nerd, quirky, doesn’t act like he’s going to have an emotional breakdown; he looks like a high schooler. Need I say more. Back to Agent research and querying. Debating random topics with my siblings.

Working on my moms we-site. Pondering if I should reenact the hunger games with my siblings in the backyard.

I haven’t been outside interacting with people in two weeks!

Unless, you count the brief run-ins with people in the store interacting. I don’t count those at all considering that I didn’t even talk to them.

Believe me, I wanted to, but I have a weak immune system. For example, I got chickenpox twice. And whenever there’s a bug going around, I usually get it. Hence the long hours of sitting.

On the bright side!!!

In my bored state, I wrote a short story. I’ll keep you posted. And I’ve been researching agents like my life depends on it, because it kind of does. So far I’ve queried 11 or so agents.

I’m not trying to downplaying the severity of the covid-19. But worrying will only magnify the problem.

Be wary. Don’t worry.

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