It’s Complicated!

Hello everyone,

Have you ever turned something so simple into a complicated jumble of…

I’m totally guilty of this. Let’s just say, me and the adjective easy don’t get along.

One time I went to the fair, and I tried to climb the rock wall. There was four sides, each side was a different challenge. Like little Goldilocks, I tried the easiest three, but I couldn’t climb it. Finally, I tried the hardest side and turnout it was easy. I got to the top in record time.

People say work smarter, not harder. What happens if your brain is wired to work harder, not smarter?

Seriously, almost everything I do has always been the hard way. Until I discovered the secret.

1.) It doesn’t have to be perfect, just close to perfect.

Often enough we try to make things perfection when perfection only is overrated. I’m not saying do something half butt. What I’m saying is give it your all! At the same time, don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect.

2.) Don’t overthink it.

This is an epidemic rooted in our own fears of it all blowing up in our faces or trying to protect one’s self from disappointments and or rejection. Don’t overthink it, yes have some precautions use common sense and then if it’s worth it to you go for it.

3.) Don’t do something you love to prove something.

It might cause you to resent whatever it is you actually like to do. Make a stand and have fun.

Sorry, I have read way too many psychology books in my time. Long story short, don’t over-complicate something by trying to make it perfect, overthinking, or proving something.

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