Too Fast For Your Own Good!

Hi everybody,

Ever write something and realize that it’s way too fast passed? That it’s pretty much an outline. Instead of a nice juicy rib you got more bone than meet.

Guess what, that just happened to me again. I thought my story was good, but I was mistaken.

Step one, get busy doing other things.

So how to get out of this predicament? Good question I have no idea. But I can tell you what worked for me.

Because when you write you can get so caught up in the plot you lose sight of the scene. You can be too close to the story and not see the problem. Your story is like the baby of new parents, to them the baby can do no wrong.

When you become so busy you can’t think straight, then and only then re-acquaint yourself with your story. Because then the distance will allow you to see your story with a critical eye.

Step two, add detail! Not the fluff kind rather the kind that is a true piece of art.

Step three, change the point of view. I started rewriting my book and added a narrater. I’m still keeping all the other characters point of view but now I’m adding in more personality. Because I realized yes their thoughts matter but they don’t speak directly to the audience, so why not add it?

On page 12 going on 400.

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  1. It’s an adventure. I see it like a baseball season. 162 games may seem like a lot but each game is a sprinkle of the story. At the end of the season every sprinkle is important.

    Continue to work hard. Listen to where your story wants to take you.

    Follow it. Always follow it.

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