An Untold Story

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. If I can speak honestly I’ve been struggling with writing. Writing stories, writing on this blog, just writing in general. I tried everything from extra caffeine to going somewhere else to write. And I did just write utter nonsense and the words never seemed to coincide. they didn’t tell a story it was more like random rambling I literally have over 100 drafts of uncompleted posts and story ideas.

Now that I told you all about my Deby Downer I think I know why I was struggling. Whenever you feel how I felt above when it comes to a business or creative venture it’s easy to be overwhelmed and quit before you made any headway. Because it can seem like nothings working you’ve been at it for years and still know growth. That’s good in order to get better you can’t be in denial, then nothing will ever change.

You don’t want to be like the person who thinks they’re a supper star told otherwise on shows like Americas Got Talent. This is why it’s good to know when something isn’t working properly. Once your humble and eat your pie you can reevaluate what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember, you can’t fix everything in a couple of hours. Would be nice but it’s very much impossible.

You also can’t do everything. Yes, you might be a jack of all triads. But even jack can get stressed out when he’s overworked. So re-evaluate what your capable of, delegate if you can the things that aren’t necessarily necessary. If you have no one to delegate stuff to like me. Then hold off on that idea for a little bit.

Put into action your plan or idea. Force yourself to put in the time and love whatever it is your doing. It’s hard to do something if theirs no passion or drive to move forward. A business or creative venture is a lot like a relationship you have to be faithful and committed. Each and every day you have to love it even when you are slowly growing crazy with it. Because love isn’t a feeling it’s an action.

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